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How do you get around music shutdown @10pm

Am beginning planning for Charleston wedding and dismayed to learn of rule which requires band or DJ to stop playing at 10pm at some of the facilities.  But love, love, love the ambience of the historic properties.  How do you have a great dance party at one of the historic places if the music has to stop at 10?

Re: How do you get around music shutdown @10pm

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    Our reception at the American Theater (a historic theater on King St. downtown) ended at midnight, and we had a DJ. There were a few other places downtown that also allowed music until 12 or 1am. I just called a ton and asked what the latest time we could have music was.
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    Thanks.  We're still in the scoping phase so will have to see where we net out!
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    Charleston noise ordinance says music needs to shut down at 11pm. I had my reception outside in the gardens of my in law's home on Church Street. Our recpetion went from 7pm to 11pm. If the venue requires you to shut down at 10pm that is their own rule I believe. However, you may be able to get around it but you will have to pay for each additional hour. I know Lowndes Grove is like that. Usually weddings go till 10pm for a hefty fee you can add hours to your reception. 
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    thanks!  Looks like we are at Legare Waring so will go til 11pm.  Problem solved!
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