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How much can I expect to pay for a photographer in the bay area/san jose?

Hey Bay Area Knotties,

I'm starting to look into photographers and ask them what their prices are and such, but seeing as how I've never hired a photographer for anything, I'm not really sure what would be considered totally outrageous or what's normal. How much are you paying/did you pay for your photographers, and what all did that include? I think I'm willing to splurge a little bit in order to get some awesome photos, but right now I'm not even sure how much "splurging" would be! Thanks in advance :)

P.S. Also, if anyone has any recommendations, I'd love them!

Re: How much can I expect to pay for a photographer in the bay area/san jose?

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    Our photographers are $1500 and that includes engagement photos. They've since raised their prices to $2000. They are super nice and took great engagement photos.

    David & Kim Nguyen -

    Everyone else we talked to was a lot more expensive--more like $3000.
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    Every photographer I've contacted has been at least $3500. But I'm also really picky and I didn't bother getting a quote if I didn't love their work. The price varies quite a bit and can get very high or low depending on the photographer.

    These are my photographers so obviously I love them. They're based in TN but travel anywhere in the US is included with any package.

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    Thank you both! Now hopefully my jaw won't drop completely to the floor when some of the photographers I've emailed, email me back with their prices!
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    Check out .  Norbert did our wedding, and I loved our pictures.  If you just want him to take pictures and get the picture rights, he's only $200/hr.
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    I got a great deal with my photographer. $2000 and it included 2 photographers, all digital negatives, all day coverage and she does amazing work. Her name is Connie Leal and her website is

    Hope this helps!
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    I had very high expectations for photography, and I found that the prices started at $4000 to $4500.  One photographer I looked at wanted $10,000 which I thought was ridiculous.  I ended up going with a SoCal photographer who was cheaper and better than the ones I found in SF even with the travel fee.  But his personality was annoying, so I wouldn't recommend him.  
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    We're using Abel Soria:

    We're just getting the digital package, which starts at $1500, because I plan to do our own wedding album/scrapbook. Our wedding is still two weeks away, but we did an engagement session with him and he was great. We became friends with him on facebook, and when I posted that I was having trouble finding an apartment, he called me to offer some recommendations.

    Bottom line, he's a great guy as well as a really talented photographer, and reasonably priced!
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    One of my goals was to have an exquisite photographer. I found Michael Soo of Capture the Love Photography!  His work makes me emotional and my fiance and I knew we had to hire him! He is based in San Jose but there is no problem for him to travel up to San Francisco. His packages range from $1,500 to $20,000. The big reason for this is he makes the extra effort to get the shot and will stay longer than what he's paid for.He also does all of the legwork himself completing the pictures, creating the photo albums and light panels, etc! He is also very flexible about working out a payment plan. 
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    I'd say $4000ish for a good one. But make sure you know exacty what you get. My friend hired on and she thought she got the digital negative...but he charged $1000 an image to get the copyrights!!! So if she would have bought all 500 photos or whatver, that's $500,000!!!! Crazy!
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    I forgot to say who I was using (blonde moment) Jenn and Travis.
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