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I bought my dress for my wedding in April 2011 a couple months ago. I was wondering when would be the right time to go in for a fitting, how many appointments I should have, who to bring to my dress fitting and what items I should bring.

Note: Two of my bridesmaids and my mother live in Southern California while I'm based here in San Francisco. 

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    I am wondering that myself.  My dress fitting will be in DC, and I have no family or bridesmaids here (they're in NorCal).  I hear you should habve at least your last fitting rather close to the wedding to account for any weight gain and bring everything you plan to wear with the dress (but don't wear makeup, so it doesn't get on the dress).
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    Hey Ladies!

    Where did you guys purchase your dresses? Did they offer to do the alterations for you? Usually they would be able to tell you what would be best for you, depending on the amount of alterations you need to get done first off will depend on when you need to do it. On my dress (as of right now) all that needs to be altered is the hem line. So I will go in a little closer to my May wedding, probably January then go in agian in april to make sure nothing else needs to be done. Remember that is also depends on your seamstress' time schedule.

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    your first appointment should be about 2 months before the big day. usually you'll have at least two, with the final one around 2 weeks before the wedding.

    things to bring- shoes (either the actual ones or a pair with the same heel height), bra (longline, strapless, etc), body shaper (if you're wearing one), jewelry, and your veil!

    for the final fitting, make sure you bring the person who's going to help you with your bustle.

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