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bridesmaids and MOH wedding make-up costs

Who usually covers for this is expense: is it the MOH and bridesmaids themselves or the bride. I am also thinking of having a fun day out with my bridal party the day before the wedding and am planning to get manicures and pedicures for all of us (I would pay for the bill for the expense of the manicures and pedicures).


Re: bridesmaids and MOH wedding make-up costs

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    it depends- is the make up mandatory? if it is mandatory, the general concensus is that you pay. if it's optional, then they pay. something to consider as well, did they pay for their dresses, shoes, etc?

    i agree that you should cover the cost of manis/pedis. :)
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    I think that normally they buy their own dresses and shoes and you pay for the other stuff. But one way to cut down is not require them to have fancy make up, and just make sure someone can help them get ready, like a friend or family member. I told my girls they can do their hair and make up any way they want, so that way i dont have to pay. I did buy them their accesories though, like their parasols and necklaces, so that they have a keapsake as a opposed to paying for a service like mani and pedis.
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    i agree w/ PP.  i'm giving my girls the option to choose their dresses, shoes, hair and make-up.  if they want my girl to do their hair/make-up for them...then they have to pay for it.  i'm fine if they want to do their own, though.  but i will be purchasing their accessories for them.
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    As a make up artist specializing in bridal make up i agree that if its not mandatory for your girls to have their make up done professionally then they should pay individually to your make up artist of choice if it is then you should pay but a good make up artist in this industry knows its always a nice gift to give group discounts..

    if you have anymore questions on make up please feel free to email me.

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