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I am having a Wiccan ceremony and the grooms family is strictly Christian. They have no idea what I believe and until now its been easier not to tell them. I would not feel right lieing to them and myself by having a ceremony that they would want. However i don't know if i should tell them about my beliefs before the wedding or let them find out at it. Any advice?

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    What does your FI think? Is he comfortable with you being Wiccan? Since it is his family I would start by talking to him about it, if you haven't already.When it comes to your wedding my advice would be to at least sit down with FI's parents and explain that you are not Christian so you won't be having a strictly Christian ceremony. I don't see it as any different than being Hindu or Jewish or Muslim and marrying a Christian. There should be compromises.Maybe you and your FI can figure out how to incorporate both of your belief systems into your ceremony.
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    My FI isn't religous at all and he says that we shouldn't tell them so that there isn't any conflict on the day of. my officiant said that they wont even notice anything accept that there is a woman instead of a man doing the ceremony.
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    I think if there isn't any difference in the ceremony and your FI doesn't see a point to tell them, then you should let it go. Now if your FI's family is helping pay for the wedding I think that is a different story. Ultimately it has to be a decision you both agree on. Just my opinion
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