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Hi ladies, FI and I are thinking of going to San Francisco for a holiday in December, i'm looking for a central location for a vacation rental type property and there are so many suburbs/outlying areas I'm a little confused.

I'm looking on; maybe there's a better website for this? We've never done this type of rental, but looking to save some money by being able to prepare some meals.

Any advice on a central area for touristy type stuff and, restaurants, etc is appreciated.

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    I think if you narrow down what kinds of touristy things you want to do, we'll be able to help more. Obviously there's a lot to do in San Francisco itself, so you would be fine just staying there. I have no idea what vacation rentals are like in the city though. If you stay outside of SF, I would recommend staying somewhere convenient to BART, since that's probably the easiest way to get into the city for a day if you want to avoid driving.
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    If you don't want to deal with renting a car (btw driving in SF is horrible) I would reccomend staying in districts/neighborhoods close to downtown/Union Square. That locale is close to all the public transportation and there are ton of things to do walking-distance.

    I'm used homeaway, but never for SF. Please note that living in downtown is mostly small apartments, you're paying for location not square footage.
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