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Rustic, Outdoor Wedding in San Fran or East Bay

I am having a wedding in May of 2013 in the Bay Area. I would love it to be outside, rustic, either in a park or garden even a beach. I don't need a reception area, just a ceremony for 50 or less people. I need it to be cheap... 1000 or under would be prefered, 1500 stretching the limits. San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda, and Berkley are my areas of choice. Thanks guys!!

Re: Rustic, Outdoor Wedding in San Fran or East Bay

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    Stern Grove, lots of areas in Golden Gate Park. I think SF Parks and Rec has a page just for wedding venues, and they're all cheap.
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    There are a lot of outdoor venues available, especially for the guest count you stated. Like ElisabethJoanne said, check Parks & Rec departments. All of the cities you're looking at have decent websites with the available parks listed.
  • I would check out the Brizallian room. (It is in Tilden Park)  It is really beautiful... and you can make it your own.
  • Yes definitely check out the Brazilian Room in Tilden Park. We are having our wedding there! Our wedding is on a Saturday night which runs about 2k, but the weekday rentals are much less.
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