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when should we register??

our wedding is about a year and a half away....when are we supposed to register?  i assume some people want to give us engagement gifts...but i dont want to seem gift grabby by registering so early.  when did you guys do it??

Re: when should we register??

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    we're "only" having a 9 month engagement, so i already registered....

    maybe just start registering now and do the main stuff six months from now?
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    we registered about 9 months out, just in time for christmas (some of my family got gifts off the registry).

    if you're going to have an engagement party, go ahead and register now or a month or so before the party.

    if NOT:
    i would recommend registering no more than 10 months out- a lot of things get discontinued and you'll end up having to re-register and pick all new things. (huge bummer, esp when you find something you really like and then it gets discontinued.)
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    oooooo good point, Kim.  FI is big into cooking and wants to register at Sur La Table - maybe we'll just go there for now and do things that are staples in that store....that will most likely not be discontinued.
    thank youuuuu!
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    We just registered a month ago at Macy's and the only reason we did that was because of the sip and scan event. If you're interested in registering with Macy's, I would recommend waiting for it. They cater in food and drinks and give you champagne flutes and little freebies for registering. Sam and I had a fun time (since he got to eat while shopping) and I got all sorts of fun free stuff.
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    We registered in december last year and i'll be getting married jan 2011. We wento to crate and barrels event...lmimosa and panini's were delish.
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