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I need some suggestions of where to book a bunch of hotel rooms for guests.  My FI's family is from Brazil, so they'll be staying at least a week.  Then I have a bunch of American out-of-towners coming for the weekend.   

I'd like to get them a hotel near Ghirardelli Square or Fisherman's Warf.  Preferably not too expensive and with relatively inexpensive parking.  I'm getting married over Memorial Day weekend.  Any suggestions?  Thank you!

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    I'm not sure if you will find inexpensive parking in SF. Have you tried going on Expedia or SF convention & visitors bureau website to see what hotels are in that area? Since you're getting married on a holiday weekend, prices will likely increase over that period versus other dates.
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    Try the hotels on Lombard St (west of Vann Ness ave.).  They're a little further away, but I think they're cheaper than the hotels directly on the warf.  I think many of them have parking as well.  My wedding's going to be in the same area, so let me know what you find!
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    I've decided not to book a group of rooms for guests.  I cross posted on the ettiquete board... I can't find something that will please everyone in terms of convenience, location, comfort, and price.  People are arriving on different days, so it's too difficult booking rooms.  I'm thinking of just listing various hotels they can consider.  II'm actually gettied married out in the southwest part of the city, and my recpetion is out in Sausalito. I did find one little gem... the Hamptom Inn in Daly City.  The rates are $130 a night and parking is free.  It's clean, comfortable, and safe, but the neighborhood is kind of bleh and boring. 
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    what if you pick something in another area of the city? what about downtown? if u pick a hotel in daily city...your guests are kind of stuck there unless they rent cars. at least if people are inSF...they can use public trans to get around. i think the hotel serrano is reasonably priced. also...hotel abri.
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    Have you checked out to see if you can find a hotel that meets your criteria and price range?  Some places discount pretty heavily.
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