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Wedding Faire in SF

I was planning on going to the Ritz-Carlton Wedding Faire on Jan 10th.  Any advice?  How long do you usually spend there?  They have a Vera Wang fashion show and free martini's and makeovers, but not sure if its a whole day thing and if my fiance would be bored to tears.  Maybe I should bring a bridesmaid? 

Re: Wedding Faire in SF

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    I would say at least a half day. My experience has been to bring a BM. The fairs that I have gone to I bring my girls, because everytime I see the FI they look miserable! Unless you FI has a lot of interest in wedding planning, I would save his patience for somthing later down the road.
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    I'm trying to decide between the one at Ritz Carlton and the one at the Four Seasons.  It looks like the Ritz Carlton one might have more free stuff but the Four Seasons one might have more vendors.
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