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manzanita centerpiece/decoration for sale - SF BAY AREA buyers only

5 BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE MANZANITA TREES for Centerpiece or wedding decoration!
comes with all of its accessories!!!

built the tree MYSELF from scratch!
natural red manzanitas spray painted with red cherry color. wooden containers painted in black. set in plaster of paris. Orange Orchids glued to the tree. Hanging glass candle holder and crystal beads all included in the tree! 3 crystals beads and 3 glass candle holder on each tree. I'm throwing in the LED tealight candles as well!
please keep in mind, each manzanita branch is unique just like any other tree out there.
the branch itself is 18" tall. The whole tree in the vase is 30".
selling all five for only $150
(and again, you can re-sell these after your wedding!)

you may remove the flowers if orange isn't your color and it won't damage the tree at all. The glue comes right off easily! You may still decorate the tree however you want to. Add more crystal beads to it...

another idea is to make these as a wishing tree. Have your guests in every table hang their "wishes" on the tree. A nice and unique touch for your wedding or birthday!

I live in the east bay (Pinole) I will NOT ship, sorry. I CAN meet you in Berkeley where I work during weekdays during business hours.  If you are interested, email me at : masuncion at techsafety dot com
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