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How did I miss this board?!

So I've been wondering why the Northern CA board is so dead, and tonight I figured out how to find this board!

I feel so dumb!  I was actually supposed to be a Vegas bride, but plans have changed and looks like we'll be tying the knot closer to home!

So hellllloo everyone!  I feel so relieved that there is actually an active board for this area! Lol
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Re: How did I miss this board?!

  • Hello! This board is actually very quiet. I stuck to my month board more than anything else. I hope that you get the resources you need from here because its much more convenient talking to girls who live close by.
  • Lol I guess the day I found the board it seemed a little more active then the Nor Cal board, but not much since then!! It'd definitely be nice to have input from local people, and hopefully I can keep sharing what I've learned... If anyone would ever ask! Lol I'm still lurking the Vegas board, not local resources but tons of nice people and good ideas!! And congrats on your wedding 8 months ago :) where did you have your reception??
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  • Thank you. We had the reception and ceremony at Garre Winery in Livermore. It was nice to have everything in one place and they took care of all of the vendors which was a huge relief! Have you thought about which venue you like?
  • We're thinking Wedgewood in Brentwood, they take care of the vendors as well :). We actually decided to push our date since it was booked on our original date!
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  • Hi.  Bay area brides are the best.  Glad you decided to stay close to home.  I too got married out in the Livermore wine country.  It is so beautiful out there.  We did Purple Orchid Inn as then we got the 10 rooms on property as well so that was great for out of town family.
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