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Best engagement photo sites

I know this topic has been discussed before, but I'd like a different perspective.  I'm planning on having my engagement photography done in SF in mid-August, so there will be fog!  I can't figure out the best location for photos.  I don't want anything overdone like Baker Beach or the Palace of Fine Arts, and nothing kitschy like cable cars.  My fiance and I are more traditionalists, so edgy/hip locations don't go with our personalities.  

I'm saving Sausalito for my wedding, as our reception will be there.  I'm thinking maybe Golden Gate Park.  I love the arboretum there.  Any other suggestions?  My fiance and I haven't even lived in San Francisco together (it's my hometown, and I've been away for seven years), so we don't have much of a history in SF.  Thanks!  

Re: Best engagement photo sites

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    You can always go to the Ferry Building and Embarcadero. The Ferry Building is beautiful and has nice views of the bay. Plus you can stop for yummy food after!
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    I got my pics done on Treasure Island. I've heard GGP, Japanese Tea Garden are nice as well.
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    we had some of ours taken in the marsh area of the east bay side of the san mateo bridge. sounds odd and not at all romantic, but it made for a great back drop for foggy weather- our photog was actually hoping for fog to make the pics look better, but it ended up being sunny. oh well. :)
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    the mission!  i think it would be really cool to have all the graffiti and what not.  its so colorful there too.
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    Thanks for the suggestions.  I think we may do the Embarcadero.  Btw, I'm curious about these marshes you mention.  Where exactly are they?  Are there any examples of cool engagement photos from there?  Thanks, everyone!
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