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2013 brides!! (everyone else welcome too)

Such a quiet board!! Where's all my fellow 2013 brides!? Anyone already married, or getting close to their dates care to share tips, vendors, stories?? I would love to connect with local brides (or grooms!) and it's sad to come on the board and see a bunch of old posts!! If you're a 2013 bride/groom, have you started planning or booking yet? Dress shopping anyone?? Let's bring the bay area board to life!
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Re: 2013 brides!! (everyone else welcome too)

  • I know... this board is dead.... I posted something on the New Jersey board... and I got like 10 comments.... I have to believe there are a lot of nor cal brides! 
  • I don't see any action on this board, or the regular nor cal board! My month board is pretty dead too! I like the DIY board, super helpful ladies and lots of posts :) I started out with a vegas wedding, lots of fun people there too!! Lol the only problem is I need vendor recommendations and stuff, and no one is here to share!
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  • Hi.  I got married in September in Livermore out in the wine country.  Where are you getting married ladies?
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  • Hello! Yay, another bay area bride! We're about to put our deposit down for Wedgewood in Brentwood!
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  • I went with Connie Leal Photography. <-- Link

    She was amazing and I negotiated with her to get all the digital photos. Check her out.

    As for a videographer- we didn't do one. They are way to expensinve.
  • I'll definitely check her out, thanks!!

    I agree, videographers are way expensive!!  I worked for a videography company for a few months, and watching the complete edited videos convinced me that I couldn't handle not having my own!  I know it's going to be a huge expense, but I figure I can skimp a little on other things :)
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  • hi guys!! san francisco bride here...july 2013 :) we're looking seriously at the swedenborgian church which has an excellent wedding package :) we're trying to avoid spending over 10k so any diy/inexpensive stuff in the city you hear about, let me know!! nice to see more norcal brides around!!
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  • I'm getting married in April at the Berkeley City Club. 
    My suggestions for vendors:

    cake - Carolyn Wong -- by far the best one we tasted!

    flowers - laura miller - she is extremely flexible and well priced, and I think she really understands the style and look I'm going for

    dress alterations -- Anne Ventresco in the Oakland Hills -- extremely reasonably priced and amazingly talented. 

    good luck and congratulations everyone!
  • Hi all-

    March 2013 bride to be here! I have been engaged for a whopping three weeks! I have a wedding consulatant but my honey wants to do things for 10k, huge sigh, not sure how that is going to happen. I was thinking cocktail reception ( dance party) sort of reception. Any ideas???
  • I'm getting married in June 2013 in San Ramon!  Also looking for vendor recommendations for photo/video!  I know I will probably splurge a little cause I want good pictures etc., but if anyone knows of a good deal/great pictures I'd love to know!
  • I am getting married October 2013 in San Francisco proper and am slowly realizing that everything is SUPER expensive.  Still have not decided on a venue but have looked at the following:

    City Hall
    Asian Art Museum
    James Flood Mansion
    Julia Morgan Ballroom
    Ferry Building 
    City Club
    Terra Gallery and Events
    Legion of Honor
    Bently Reserve
    Sir Frances Drake
    The Winery SF
    Press Club

    I am new to the bay area and would appreciate any input from fellow brides in regards to this planning business.  I am completly overwhelmed and dont know where to start. 
  • For San Francisco.... you looked at some beautiful venues. Are you set on San Francisco... I found it was at least 20% more for everything. Check out the presido golf couse. It was beautiful and very reasonable. 
      Otherwise if you move outside of the city... it gets a bit less. Of your list I LOVED the Bently Reserve. Also I used to host charity events there and it was like $4000 to rent it on a thursday night... I know it is not ideal.... but it will save you 6K... 

    Good luck! 

  • Summer 2013 bride here!!! We've only been engaged about a month and I'm already overwhelmed. Any advice on how to go about starting planning? I do think we have our venue chosen though in Lodi! We're super excited! I really want make as much as possible myself. Ahh so much to think about!
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  • hello again :) still set on Swedenborgian, the price is unbeatable!! for $1800 you get minister, musician, wedding hostess, rehearsal, candles, fireplace, conference with the minister, bridal dressing room and use of the garden for photos. i'm also looking at the brazillian room in berkeley, which is about $1000 more but can host more people...

    so far all i've done is get the STDs and choose a photographer, but i suppose the rest will come! :)

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  • I am pretty sure I'm getting married next March, so far that is the month we both like because it's cheaper and we have no other holidays/birthdays for us.
    Somewhere in the bay area, San Ramon/Danville/Livermore or possibly SF. I am just freaking out about weather. Where can you have a good indoor ceremony?? I prefer outside but don't want to spend the extra money for a summer wedding.... I'm torn.
  • Hello! First off, I am so refreshed there are other 2013 brides in the same boat with me...I'm not alone, whew! We got engaged in Feb. and once I started researching everything I immediately had to stop as the stress went through the roof looking at costs:( my fiancé also is budget-minded and said lets stay close to $5k...what???? We just visited our first venue yesterday and are more open minded but still wanna stay under $10k....I told him I'm not factoring my dress into that budget, lol. So far I've found that Wedgwood offers multiple locations & is in our budget. We went to the brentwood location & weren't too happy that the outdoor ceremony area was all on concrete ( the gazebo was beautiful though, just wished it was on the lawn right behind it). We originally wanted to do Tahoe but wasn't coming up with any luck in affordable & easy so finding something in bay area with that outdoor vibe is key now. But of course the crazy weather lately has me worried that affordable & outdoor might not be feasible. Any ideas? Has anyone come across an all inclusive venue like Wedgewood? I saw Freedom Hall in Santa Clara is similar but their online photos show parking lots & what look like business buildings behind the garden shots...not my idea of outdoor
  • In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:602Discussion:40779c7e-bf8b-4b2d-8197-5a9e1bf91460Post:34e3851a-aa18-4a34-bf4d-c37c521fb31b">Re: 2013 brides!! (everyone else welcome too)</a>:
    [QUOTE]Hello! Yay, another bay area bride! We're about to put our deposit down for Wedgewood in Brentwood!
    Posted by Crazybeautiful11[/QUOTE]

    I was wondering if you visited any of the other Wedgewood locations? Brentwood unfortunately wasn't a fit for us but we have appointments at their San Ramon and crystal springs locations...did you check these out too? If so, your feedback would be great. The only thing we didn't like about Brentwood was where the gazebo was...I really want the outdoor vibe. Lisa who we met with did mention these other two might be better suited for us but looking for another bride's impression if they've already scoped out these locations. I will say I liked how honest Lisa at Brentwood was she could've very easily steered us away from what we are looking for in order to book with her, rather than one of the other locations
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