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Hotel Recs for elopement

Hi Everyone, I was hoping for a few recommendations on nice but not to expensive hotels for my wedding/honeymoon. We are from Alabama but are coming to San Fran and eloping. We will get married at City Hall. I have a photographer in mind but any recs on the following would be greatly appreciated:
Florist for bouquet/bout

Thank you so much for any guidance you could give me!
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Re: Hotel Recs for elopement

  • Hi Jenny, 

    Congrats! Personally, it will be easier for me to give recommendation if there is a price range. What is expensive to you may not be expensive for me or vice versa :). There are a lot of hotels in SF depending on your budget and where you want to stay. Are you planning to rent a car while you are here? Again, I can recommend a few photographers depending on your budget :)

    Restaurants....well, there are way too many restaurants here. Is it just for you and your future husband or there will be other guests? The type of food that you like, ambiance, and $$ will definitely make it easier to give recommendations. 


  • This photog was used by a friend of mine.  They have lower rates for city hall weddings.

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