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Airbrush tan. Location?

Can anyone recommend a place where they have had an airbrush tan? I live in San Jose. Thank you.

Re: Airbrush tan. Location?

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    I am on the search also and have narrowed it down tot two locations. Australian tanning company, I have went tanning there before and just love it (just not into tanning anymore) and Willow glen tanning. They both have good reviews on yelp. I will be going somethime before September, if you go before me let me know the results. Good luck.
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    I know it's far for you, but I go to Brown Sugar in San Francisco.  It's on Union and Buchannon.  I am very fair, and i love that their tan looks very natural.  Follow all the rules though: no shaving 2 days before, no working out (sweating) or showering for 12 hours after.  Let me know how you like it, definitely do a trial run!
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