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I am trying to find a resonable priced venue anywhere in the Bay Area, or North Bay.  My wedding budget is not too tight, but I hate to throw away a huge portion on the site fee.  I can't seem to find anything that seems reasonable.  I have 160 people, and I would like to spend arougn $2,000.

Any suggestions?  I am open to all-inclusive apckages as well

Thanks in advance!

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    what type of place are you looking for?  winery?  urban?  nature-y?  also, what time of year?
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    I looked at venues on

    They offer pictures and some pricing and amenities info, as well as reviews.
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    I'm a little confused.  Are you looking at a $2,000 site fee or $2,000 total for a reception for 160 people?

    If it's the former, you might want to look at the Spinnaker in Sausalito.  They offer reduced minimum food/beverage requirements for certain days of the week, like Sunday.  I'll be having my reception there.
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    Thank you all for your help and ideas.  To answer some questions, I am very flexible on the type of venue.  Winery, ballroom, backyard, anything will work.  I am looking to plan the wedding with a budget under $20K, so in order to do that I need the site fee to be less than $2K.  I am willing to pay a little more if it includes certain things like tables, chairs, linens, etc.
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    Also, I am looking for July - November

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    We stopped and looked at The Spinnaker.  The guy who was in charge was late so we just took some information and viewed the room. The view is great. I wish the private room was facing SF though. Anyways, It seems like a good value. I would look into it. We are trying to do a $20k budget and its hard in the Bay Area.

    Since you mentioned wineries, did you look into the Livermore area? 
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    what about the Brazilian Room in Berkeley?
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    We had our reception at Villa Ragusa in Campbell which offers a package with tables, linens, catering/beverages and cake.  They also have a sister location in Sunnyvale called the Historic Del Monte Building where my sis had her reception.  The Del Monte package includes all mentioned plus the DJ.  They are both great locations located in cute downtown areas but if you are looking to have a ceremony at the same site they wouldn't be my first choice.  We both got married at a Mission and then used these venues for the reception which was perfect.  For ceremony and reception many people I know have used Freedom Hall and Gardens in Santa Clara an Ainsley House in Campbell (that last one may not fit 160 I can't remember)
    Other places we looked that were a bit more expensive but still in our budget:
    *Cinnabar, San Jose (too far a drive from the ceremony but gorgeous ceremony spot)
    *Saratoga Country Club (the runner up...a bit pricier and a bit further out.  They were running an incredible special on thier room rental fee so we were really tempted but we ultimately went for proximity.)
    *Decathlon Club, Santa Clara (We'd been there for many highschool and college functions so that's all we could associate it with and we ultimately wanted somewhere we'd never been for a wedding)

    Good Luck!
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    Hi!  I don't know if this will help but here are some venues:

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