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Where to recommend hotels?

Our wedding this July is in Los Altos. We live in San Mateo, our parents live in Union City and Fremont. We're looking into blocking off rooms, but haven't been able to agree on which city. There is no point in having guests stay in San Mateo, as nothing wedding related is happening there. But if you were an OOT guest, would you rather stay in the East Bay near the families, or close to the ceremony/reception site on the Peninsula? Thanks!

Re: Where to recommend hotels?

  • I'd prefer to stay by the ceremony and reception, in general.  You could have a bunch of hotel blocks -- 1-2 by the wedding and one by the parents (for OOT relatives).
  • I'd prefer to be near the reception site.

    Or near the airport.

    FYI, the one time I tried to book in a wedding block, in Sacramento, I missed the deadline. The online price for 2 days before the wedding was just a few dollars - literally, like $2 - more than the block price. We're not blocking rooms until people ask us to. We're not expecting many out of town guests, and while I know what I'd prefer, I don't really know what they'd prefer. Near the airport? Near the church? Near the reception? We're circulating info with all those choices.
  • Apparently TK ate my post a few days ago. Serves me right for not checking again sooner Thanks for the opinions. I think my parents and I have been wavering on the question of whether or. It to reserve a block of rooms. We did it for my Bat Mitzvah, and for my sister's, and it worked out well. But for the wedding our OOT guests will have a much broader range of financial situations (everywhere from unemployed college friends to doctors) so doing just one option won't work for even a majority. I think what I will end up doing is researching a few good hotels at different price points, both close to the venue and close to the families. Then it's up to the guests to make the decision. Thanks!
  • That's what I did.  Have you checked out  You can get bids on hotel blocks from a range of places rather than have to call everyone.  I think the bids are stored on their website, so you don't end up with a ton of junk mail.
  • I haven't checked there yet, thanks for the recommendation.
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