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Cake Topper in Northern California The Knot Magazine

Hi ladies,

I was hoping someone with the current copy of The Knot magazine could help me out (Northern California edition).  I saw the cutest cake toppers in the magazine and originally thought it was in the national Spring 2010 edition of the magazine but when I went through my copy, I realized it wasn't in that one.  The only other magazine I leafed through at the same time was the Northern California edition which I did not buy.

Can anyone locate the vendor in their copy?  It was towards the back of the magazine, if I recall correctly.  The heading said something like "The most adorable cake toppers".  It was a picture of two wooden figurines, custom-made to look like the bride and groom.  I've been trying to find out the name of the vendor but to no avail.

Any help would be great!

Re: Cake Topper in Northern California The Knot Magazine

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    I just went through my Fall/Winter 2009 Northern Cali edition (i'm not sure if there was one after this edition) but I didn't see any cake topper as you described. Sorry and good luck!
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    i have the spring/summer one - and i think i found it!  its on page 83, but unforch it does not give the vendor name.  (weird!)  but i would check out Etsy for "handmade cake toppers"

    good luck!
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