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Chinese Banquest Restaurant?

Hi Everyone,

We're getting married in March 2013 in the Bay Area. I need help finding Chinese Restaurants that are equipped to host weddings. Requirements:

1) Roughly 250 guests
2) Must provide dance floor
3) Bar
4) Perferably a more modern looking chinese restaurant (i.e. none of that golden dragon motif). 

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
Hester + Tony

Re: Chinese Banquest Restaurant?

  • Been to weddings at the following that most likely fit your requirements (left off places that definitely don't fit):

    ABC Seafood Restaurant (Foster City, Milpitas)

    Dynasty (Cupertino, San Jose)

    Grand Palace Seafood Restaurant (South San Francisco)

    Mayflower Restaurant (Milpitas) - Union City doesn't have bar; SF is too small

    Yank Sing (Ricon Center Atrium - San Francisco) - very modern

    Zen Peninsula (Millbrae)

    Hong Kong Flower Lounge (Millbrae)

    Asian Pearl (Fremont) - not sure about full bar

    Hong Kong East Ocean (Emeryville)

    Koi Palace (Daly City)
  • ABC has great food. Yank Sing is way over priced....  (but it does have a beautiful look... and if you could do your wedding in their indoor courtyard it would be really pretty) 

      Good luck.... Are you going to do a chinese tea ceremony? I am going to do one... so I am looking for info on it... 
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