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Fav wedding purchase?

What's been your favorite wedding purchase so far?

For me, it's been our flower girl's dress. She's such a cutie in it! PIB. :)

Re: Fav wedding purchase?

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    So far it would have to be my dress, i guess haha
    It's so hard to choose
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  • mica178mica178 member
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    Obviously my dress, although I was pretty excited about my A7 petalfolds.  And caramel tastings for possible flavors has been awfully fun too.
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    mica- we had petal fold invites, too! :)
  • hanabanana723hanabanana723 member
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    The only thing I have bought so far (just starting to plan) is "will you be my bridesmaid" cards from etsy!  They were so cute and my friends loved them!  And when my sister got the "maid of honor" one, my mom told me she cried; it was so great :)  Looking for a dress next!
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    So far it's been my dress, I bought if for $99 via David's Bridal and the dress normally sells for $399 (which was something out of my budget) - it's sitting in it's box at my Grandma's. We're going to start fittings next month Laughing
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