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Printer in San Francisco?

Hi all!

I'm new to this board, since I'm getting married on the East Coast and have done most of the stuff out there, but we have our final invitation design (done by a friend who is a graphic designer) and need to find a great printer out here.  Does anyone have any rec's for printers in SF who do great work? We don't have a car, so in SF preferable to East/South Bay. 

Thanks so much!


Re: Printer in San Francisco?

  • leia1979leia1979 member
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    You might check Yelp. I designed my own and found a place in Mountain View with really good reviews (but that's probably too far for you). I haven't actually gone to anyone yet.

    Are you looking for anything special, or just someone with a good digital press?
  • lhoffa221lhoffa221 member
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    Yeah, I'll have to check out yelp. I'm looking for a good digital and the pottential of doing thermography on the text of it....
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