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I have chosen someone to be in my wedding and now I’m starting to regret it. What do I do?? I don’t want to look back at it and regret it.

Re: Bridesmaids

  • skyla.artsskyla.arts member
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    This is your day...we had a guest who was causing drama with the RSVPs.  I know it's not the same thing, but the wedding day is extremely stressful and you should try to minimize that stress!  You won't have time to deal with extra drama.  Your friend/bridesmaids will understand (perhaps maybe not immediately)!  Invite her out and talk to her about it.  As you said, you don't want to look back and regret it.  Do what you feel is right! good luck!
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    I think it depends why you are rethinking it.  Did she do something?  Are you just drifting apart?  Did u ask her for the wrong reason?
    Whatever your relationship with her is expect it to be worse after you demote her from your wedding.  It's a touchy subject and although it's not a big deal to be in a wedding it can really seem like it to some people. 
    I would have to know more to give good advice but just be sure you think about her feelings and your future relationship.

  • kuddles220kuddles220 member
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    I am having the same experience right now with my maid of honor actually. I just dont think she can emotionally and socially handle it. I tried calling her to talk about it but havent heard back from her. Just recently I sent her an email, awaiting a response. Hope it turns out well for you. If your second guessing usually your gut is right
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    Im having issues also with my MOH. I asked one of my friends to be my MOH, but she would blow me off for her other bestie. And I had to demote her to a bridesmaid because I talked to her and told her how I knew she wouldnt have the time to be my MOH and I really want that experince of having someone there for me when I needed them. So I asked my other bestie if she would be my MOH and now she's telling me that she might not come to my bachelorette party and that she cant fulfill the financial duties and whatnot. I just thought I just had crappy friends and I was the only one dealing with issues. It's just weird cause I know if someone asked me to be their MOH I would take it as an honor and attend everything and be there for them.....bleh
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  • kuddles220kuddles220 member
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    I totally agree it is a honor. Actually I was MOH in my supposed to be MOHs wedding. I was there over and beyond the call of duty. We actually were scheduled to go to a bridal show last week. I called her several times no answer. Then finally I just emailed her about the whole situation. Again no answer, so its safe to say now, she is no longer my MOH
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