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e-rings in san francisco?? - please help!

hi! we've been planning for a few months already but we decided to wait to get my ring until we got our taxes back & we're getting them this wk. we're from NY but go to SF a few times/yr & we're going again next wkend. we're going together to pick the ring & are planning to check out some places when there.. so i was hoping you ladies could tell me where you got yours and/or recommend good jewelry stores to go to?? 
& i'm not sure if this is relevant info..? but idk what we'll ultimately decide to spend. technically could go up to 10k but i really don't want to. [i'd love to put most of it in savings for our daughter. i have other nice jewelry but this is a ring i'm going to wear 24/7 for a long time so i want it pretty but nothing too much] i'd like to stay under 2k actually..?

also i was wondering.. 
wherever/whenever we get it he's still going to surprise me.. but i think he's considering it while we're there [overheard this lol i guess he'd hoped to already have it before we went but that didn't work out.. but i would love if it happened there! it's my favorite place] but i was just thinking when my friend & her FI bought her ring apparently he had to wait & couldn't take it home that day.. & i thought that was strange.. does it normally take long take with you/get back? if so, how long? is it because of the resizing or..? anyway, we're only going for a week this time so i didn't know if there'd even be time.. or if it would be unwise to purchase out of state?

thank you very much for any responses!

Re: e-rings in san francisco?? - please help!

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    Unless you wear a size 6, you're going to have a hard time taking an engagement ring home the day you buy it.  Resizing usually takes one business day.  Some places will have the ring for you at the end of the day, but you have to do your shopping early.

    Try Derco.  It's in the Jewelry Center in SF.  You'll need a reservation.  I heard that if you find your dream ring and diamond in their in-store stock, they'll have it sized and placed in a couple hours.  They also guarantee the ring and will clean it for free for life.

    Otherwise, you could consider going to a nation-wide chain so if you need adjustments in the future you can go to your local store.  At your price range, might have a lot of options.
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    There is always the Jewelry Exchange in Burlingame. I have never been there but they advertise on the local tv stations out here.
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    I'm with Mico. The Jewelry Center in SF is the best for deals. My FI got my engagement ring there and the selection and prices are great. However it took like 4 weeks to make the ring so i'm not sure if they do spur of the moment sales. You will need to call ahead for an appt.
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    FI got mine here:
    Roger is a friend of a friend - and has a great selection. other friend got hers at Johan’s Diamond Import which is right downtown.
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    they are fabulous! Tom has been in business for years.....Tell him Elisa sent you :)
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    Giraux in the Jewelry Center (at 888 Brannan) they can size the same day, and the cut and clarity of their diamonds is wonderful.  Got a both ering and wedding ring from them.  Needs a reservation!  

    In fact any appointment you makew/a jeweler in the 888 Brannon Bldg will get you access to all the jewelers there.  Get there early, and enjoy the discounted pricing...Good Luck!
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    i think thats the same place where FI got mine....but he went to RP Diamonds.

    anyway....GOOD LUCK!
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    Brilliant Earth - I cannot recommend them enough. We priced engagement and wedding rings at about 10 different stores, and Brilliant Earth was better AND cheaper. (And the diamonds are Canadian.) It's not ready on the spot, but they will get them ready and ship them with 1 day shipping. (Tax free if you ship out of state.)
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    a little update.. we did get it! yay! & we did stay under 'budget'. actually it's a 3500 ring for 1700! my aunt [who we were visitng] is friends with a jeweler @ 888 brannan so we got it there. kinda hard to take a pic of but here..  

    thanks for the replies!
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    congrats!!!  its beautiful!!!  =)
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