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How much are you paying for rented chair-covers?

I wasn't planning to use chair covers, but now I'm reconsidering.  The venue has white chair covers for $5 each.  That seems high to me.  Can anyone tell me what I could expect as a basic cost per chair cover?  So many of the website don't post their fee schedule.  We will have about 50 chairs.  Our wedding is in San Jose.  Thanks.

Re: How much are you paying for rented chair-covers?

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    My venue charges $7 per chair, which is ridiculous, or $2 if we provide the chair covers.  We're looking around, but I'm inclined to skip them.
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    My venue charged $5 per chair and $2 per chair sash. We ended up finding chavari chairs for $4.99 including the chair cushion, so we went that route.
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    I wonder where you found $4.99 chiavari chairs? Most of the vendors I've asked quoted at least $6.99/ chair after all kind of "discount".
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    Do you mind sharing that info for me too? I want to rent chivari chairs but haven't found  a good deal. My email is [email protected]
    TIA :)

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    As a planner I can say- that is about average-  if you are bringing any other rentals in - it is cheaper to rent chairs at $3.00 each from classic or similar rental company.

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    Wow that is expensive, I am actually purchasing my chair covers for $2 and some change. And then will sell them on ebay after. It seemed cheaper that way. And nice to get somewhat of a refund
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