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Piedmont Community Church? Church Wedding?

I have two questions One: Has anyone had their wedding there or thinking about having it the Piedmont Community Church? I looked it up on here comes the guide and it seems like everything I want in a ceremony and reception space. Not to mention VERY reasonable price.  

The only issue is that FI is not very religious nor am I, and both of our families are a mix of religions and cultures. As we are incorporating a lot of our cultures in the reception, the ceremeony will take place in a church and that seems weird. We are also allowed to bring in our own officiant so the ceremony itself is not religious and the church was first built as non-denominations then recently turned into a christian church. Do you think guests will find that strange that we are having it in a church since many know that we are not practicing religion? or do you think that we are kind of faking it?

TWO: has anyone had their wedding in a church but they aren ot practicing any form of religion?  

Re: Piedmont Community Church? Church Wedding?

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    I've never been to the church, but the community center is beautiful. Some friends of mine had their ceremony and reception at the community center and it was really amazing.
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    The Community Church and the Community Center are different places. I think it would be really weird to be in a church itself and have a humanist ceremony. It's different if you're outside on the big patio. The downstairs is really not that great either. Not bad, but a little...worn.

    Try the Exedra Plaza across the street (it has a really pretty fountain) for your ceremony, and the space in front of the Community Center for eating, with the reception dancing inside Piedmont Community Center. There also is a tiny amphitheatre behind the Community Center. I've heard good things about the woman who usually is on site helping. Apparently the Japanese Tea House isn't a great value, though.

    If you want an indoor wedding, you could probably make something of the Piedmont Veterans Building, also across the street (but in the other direction). It's certainly better than a hotel ballroom.

    The park is truly beautiful, but keep in mind that the world will be VERY much "with you." As in, you'll have parents pushing strollers with noisy babies on the way to the little sand park, and there are big plastic toys behind the Community Center (if you go for the redwood tree small amphitheatre option). There will be people coming and going all over the place. Even though they have signs up saying it's a wedding, nope. People will cut through anyway.

    I've been to weddings at all of these places (except the Veterans Hall, which I've been in for other things).

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