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Board Etiquette?

Hello! I'm usually on the September 2011 wedding month board...but new on this board. I wasn't sure what the board etiquette is? If I needed to introduce myself on this board too?

If so, name is Jenn! I got engaged on 09/01 and I'm so excited! I'm looking foward to getting to know you ladies!
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Re: Board Etiquette?

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    Hi Jenn!
    i'm on the Sept 2011 board too!
    no need to really introduce yourself futher...there is a sticky at the top with a poll if you want to fill it out!
    where is your wedding??  mine is in SF!

    EDIT...looks like you already filled it out!  i'll go read it now!
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    Hi!  Welcome, and congrats on the recent engagement!

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    Howdy Jenn! Like Reese, I'm also part of Sept 2011. I haven't filled out the sticky yet because my answer to 90% of the questions is "don't know yet."  =)
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