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Ceremony Musicians - what's your plan?

I'm hoping to get some recommendations on ceremony musicians and an idea of what everyone is finding the cost for these to be. 

I'd like to have someone playing an instrument and that same person or someone else sing (female preferred) but I didn't want to spend $500 on a 45 minute ceremony!  Am I just out of touch?  What are you doing?

Re: Ceremony Musicians - what's your plan?

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    i would like some help with this too.  i just want an acoustic guitar or 2 and maybe a violin for the ceremony.  ours isnt going to be more than 20 min or so.  but i am so clueless on this.  any recs would be SO helpful!
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    We used our good friend for ceremony music:

    he is fabulous and one gal at my wedding actually liked him so much she is hiring him for her wedding in june.

    as for the reception, we had a band, again another friend, they were great and it was so much better then a DJ

    good luck!
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    check around at your local music conservatory/school. a lot of students play as a side job and they're cheaper than hiring professionals who play for a living. GL
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    I am using Starlight Strings out of SF, dual violins. They are $600 including travel fees for 2 hours. I am using them for ceremony and cocktail hour.

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