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Flexible caterers.


My fiance and I are foodies who love multi-ethnic food.  Since we are doing food stations (not sit-down dinner), I'm wondering if anybody has found flexible caterers that will either:

a) Make many different ethnic foods (like dim sum, sushi, samosas, and a carving station

or preferfably..

b) Allow us to order some foods from outside restaurants - for example if we order 300 samosas from our favorite Indian restaurant, but the catering company will serve it.

We love our venue, but it requires a licensed/insured caterer meaning we have to find a flexible caterer that fits our needs...

Thanks a bunch!!!!

Re: Flexible caterers.

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    Try James Standfield catering. I use them and they seem to be very flexible.
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    I'm using the Pampered Palatte ( ) and while they have lots of packages, they're totally flexible and I'm about 85% sure they'll serve other food if they can't make it (for example, they don't charge a cake-cutting fee and they'll serve any alcohol you give them instead of going with one of their packages).
    Also, they did my mom's wedding (which was last weekend) and they did my brother's rehearsal dinner.  Both excellent.

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