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Go Giants!

That's all I have to say. :-)

Re: Go Giants!

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    i was in Big Sur a cabin...with NO TV!  so bummed i missed that game, i'm STOKED they won!  soooo exciting!  yay!!!!
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    Oh, that does stink!  I have an even worse reason for missing it -- law school applications.  But I could keep track of the score by the negative screams coming from my neighbors' house (they're from Philly).  We need some more California representation here.  I actually live in Washington, DC, though I am a native-born and raised San Franciscan.
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    ha!  too funny...we're opposite!  i am from NJ, but i live in SF now.  i'm actually a yankee fan...but i live like RIGHT next to AT&T i am now a Giants fan too.  (they're in different leagues anyway!)
    i am hoping we can score some tickets...but who knows.  i'm sure they will be $200+
    my FI got to go to 2 of the games last week.  woohooooo
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