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LOVE my photos...which are the best to blow up for our walls?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my photos.
Trying to decide the ones we should order as canvas big wraps for our apartment.
Can you guys help?
Christina, my photog, was awesome, totally want to refer help me chose photos for the walls, go to the blog:
Thanks!! MRS Muller

Re: LOVE my photos...which are the best to blow up for our walls?

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    Tried, but the link won't go anywhere...:(
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    Okay...tried again, and this time it worked.  Awsome photos!  I guess it depends on what the colors in your house are.  If it were me, I'd choose the first photo of you kissing infront of the restaurant with the people looking out, the one of you infront of the church with the blue sky (kind of matches the retaurant wall color) and then the one of you in the car.  You could have them in a grouping and they'd compliment each other.  Looks like you had a great wedding!
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    I would go with the one that's half color/half black & white inside the restaurant :)

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    My fav was the one of you guys kissing outside the blue restaurant where everyone is looking.

    The one with the "just married" signs are adorable too!

    Thanks for sharing.

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