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small wedding in San Francisco

Hi, I'm from out of state and I'd like to have a small, almost tiny wedding in San Francisco (just me + groom, maybe two other people) but I have no idea how to set things up. I've tried to google some wedding coordinators but most of them seem to only work huge weddings or those with at least 20 people. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Re: small wedding in San Francisco

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    I would use the word "elopemnt" when you contact people insted of "wedding" so that you can get a better quote. If you Google elopemnt in San Fancisco you get a lot of results.
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    city hall is GORGEOUS!  i would do it there and then go to a nice restaurant.  check out the wedding blogs for more ideas too.  i know there are a couple of small-ish weddings on these sites, that were in SF.

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    green wedding shoes
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    the city sage
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    Have you heard of/tried ?

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