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I'm having a very small wedding in SF in October (I live in Texas) and I need some florists recommendations...just a bridal bouquet and boutonniere. I won't have time to hunt around for a place as I'll only get to town a day or two before the wedding. I kind of want someone that I can communicate with via email  (I've noticed a lot of places want in person consulations) and pick up every thing once I get into the city. Also, I'd like to keep both under $200. Any suggestions?

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    i went with mystic garden on ocean st in sf. winnie is great, but she mostly communicates by phone. she has email, but she's not very tech savy, you know? im paying $110 for my bouquet (roses & orchids) and $8.50 for my groom's matching bout. if you prefer something simpler, my bridesmaids bouquets are 3 different kinds of roses and only $75. GL
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    I used Three Sisters Flowers in Palo Alto.  She was amazing and creative and really transformed the banquet room into what I wanted.  I paid 200 for the bouquet and 12 for the bout.  The bouquet was ranaculus (sp?), orchids, parot tulips and some roses.  The bout was of orchids.

    She did charge set up and delivery since I had altar arrangemements that she delivered and then took to the reception but I'm sure that could be negotiable.
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    Try A& R Flowers & Gifts. They did my sister's wedding. They did a great job. This couple works out of their home so they don't charge an arm and leg for things. Their address is 632 Sweeney St, San Francisco, CA 94134. Phone number is (415)334-3374.
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