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Berkeley's Hotel Shattuck Plaza?

My fiance and I are seriously considering having our reception at the newly renovated Hotel Shattuck Plaza in downtown Berkeley. Have any of you had your weddings there or attended any as guests? If you have, were any in the FIVE restaurant space? I am in love with that room, but we are not sure about space, privacy and cost.

Re: Berkeley's Hotel Shattuck Plaza?

  • I have stayed there as a guest (not related to a wedding) and it was a really cute, unique hotel. We aren't having our wedding there, but that's where we have a blocked rate for our guests. Good luck with everything!
  • I love FIVE, although it gets really loud easily (I think it's just the acoustics of the room).  I don't know if that matters to you.  Perhaps their smaller private spaces aren't quite so loud, but the main room really is.  I think the space looks really neat, so you'd be able to reduce your personal decorating budget, and the food is great.  I don't know how much I love buffet, though. 

    As with all restaurant weddings, I think privacy is an issue unless you are able to rent out the whole main restaurant.  I don't know if you are planning on a wedding of 200+ guests.
  • Hi!  I'm having my wedding at  Hotel Shattuck Plaza in March.  We are having the ceremony in the Boiler Room, cocktail hour in the courtyard, and the reception in the Crystal Ballroom.  The Catering manager also said that we could use the restaurant space for the ceremony, but we opted not to do that because there is a time constraint (we need to be out of there before the restaurant opens).

    Privacy wise, I don't think there will be more than 1 wedding at a time since the hotel is not very big.  However, you will be sharing the same bathrooms as the restaurant guests.  I had asked about this and Laura (the catering manager) assured me that they've never had any big problems. 

    We tasted the food at FIVE before booking, and enjoyed the food.  I'm trying to set up the tasting for the wedding now, so I'll have a better idea of food once we do that. 

    Feel free to ask any other questions, though I might not know the answers to all of them since I haven't had the wedding yet.  ;)
  • I'm not having my wedding there but I wanted to. Laura said the Crystal Ballroom wouldn't be big enough for a reception for 200 including a dance floor. So we are having our wedding at the nearby Berkeley City Club but I've blocked a group of rooms at the Hotel Shattuck for my guests! I love that hotel; it has great style. There is a guy who works at the front desk who is always very nice.  I think the service seems great.  Like I said, I'd do it there if I could :) 
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