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Help! Need fun restaurant in Walnut Creek for bachelorette dinner!

I desperately need suggestions on restaurants in Walnut Creek for my friend's bachelorette dinner. Since she has a few underage girls attending, we can't do the whole bar-hopping thing, so the restaurant needs to be somewhere cool, but not too stuffy for a bachelorette in a veil, etc.

Lots of people have suggested Bing Crosby's, but it just looks too nice with the leather chairs and all. I also don't want to break the bank.

Is there anywhere that's classy and lively (bordering rowdy even?) in Walnut Creek?!

Thanks for your help!!

Re: Help! Need fun restaurant in Walnut Creek for bachelorette dinner!

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    I just had dinner at Havana (1516 Bonanza).  Good appetizers and mojitos.  Very lively.
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    You can always try going on too. I've never been to Havana but heard it's good! There is this Mexican restaurant it used to be called The Cantina on N. Main Street,  but it's changed names and for the life of me I can't remember what it goes by now.

    The only other restaurants that I know over there are Il Fornaio, PF Changs, CPK, Pyramid Brewery, Skipolini's pizza, McCovey's. Some of these selections aren't swanky but underage should be allowed.
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    I agree, Havana is always fun. There's also 1515 in WC. I'm not a huge fan of the place but it's a lounge/club and I don't think there's an age issue.

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    maria maria has great Margaritas!!
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    Bing's is a bit stuffy for the occasion- consider

    Maria Maria or possibly 1515- both are great fun locations- and are large enough to fit a group- 

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