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Is $1200 a reasonable price for a DJ?

Our DJ will also be our emcee and there will be setup of audio equipment in 3 locations: the church, the cocktail hour terrace, and the reception ballroom.  We will have the DJ from 2pm to 11pm.  Does $1200 seem like a reasonable price?  

Re: Is $1200 a reasonable price for a DJ?

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    That sounds reasonable to me.  We're paying $895 for 5 hours in one location.  Most places I contacted were about the same.  All also emcee and most would throw in a second set up for the coctail hour included.  The prices I saw ranged from $895 to 2000 with several at $895, several at $1000, one at $1200 and two that were above that.

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    that sounds pretty good to me. we're paying $1200 for 6 hrs in one spot. the dj can make or break the event, right? why not be on the safe side? ;)
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    To set up in 3 areas that sounds quite resonable~ Good Job finding that one! I found a DJ in my wedding site location, and we are in ONE spot for 4 hours.. And he is charging 1000 dollars.. I got a local one for a better price willing to travel and not require a hotel room. Good Luck!
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    i think so! ours is $950 for 7 hours, but it is all in the same place. a lot of the other quotes i got were in the 2k range, which i thought was crazy, but who knows.
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    Thats what i'm paying, 7 hours 2 locations
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