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Is this where I belong?

Is this the best board for a bride in Santa Cruz?

I'd love to connect with some local brides, and swap ideas, or maybe have a Knottie GTG luncheon sometime!
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Re: Is this where I belong?

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    I consider Santa Cruz part of the Bay Area. Hey Santa Cruz's weather is included on the Bay Area news so its Bay Area.

    I live all the way in Vallejo, but I'm getting down to SC area often and I'd like to get to a GTG.
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    I live in SC. :)
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    Ah Santa Cruz, the inevitably caught in the middle part of California. Is it southern? Is it Northern? Is it Central? It is by most definitions part of the bay area (although living in Santa Cruz I can tell you it's a world different from San Jose) and getting married here is like trying to fight off 15 other brides for everything! Ha ha ha but I wouldn't trade it for anything, Santa Cruz is in my heart and I'm stuck.

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