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Deer Ridge Vineyard sold

We were planning to get married at Deer Ridge Vineyard in Livermore, CA at end of June, but the vineyard just told us last week that they have been bought by another vineyard.  They are asking us to sign a new contract, which states that there are plans for construction at the site and the barrel room won't be able to be used for the appetizer hour.  Has anyone come across similar situations or is anyone else also getting married at Deer Ridge this year?  Should I ask for compensation or should I consider changing the venue?  I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do so any info would be helpful.  Thanks!  -LL

Re: Deer Ridge Vineyard sold

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    I'm sorry to hear that. I love their moonstruck wine! I went there last year for a bridal shower in the barrel room and it was very nice. 

    I would ask besides the barrel room, what other construction they are planning on doing. This could effect where your ceremony and reception is held. If you decide to go somewhere else do you lose the deposit? Maybe you could ask, since its another vineyard, if their other vineyard could be used?
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    I was supposed to get married there in August as well. The whole thing is so disappointing. Did you sign the new contract?
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    I signed a contract with them as well. 
    My wedding isn't until August 2012. The  new owners are only honoring the contracts through 9/10/11..anything after that you will have to become wine club members and then sign new contracts through Las Positas Vineyard (the new owners) and another contract through their preferred caterers. 

    llin, were you able to get your deposit back?
    I have asked several times - I've called several times, sent many e-mails, and finally had to send a demand letter but I haven't seen a dime. 

    Our contracts are clearly void due to the face the contract says any modifications made to this contract will have to be made in writing and signed by both parties. In addition it states that Deer Ridge has to fulfill anything agreed upon...and clearly they can't. 

    llin, have you found another venue or are you going to stick with Deer Ridge?
    kcollins, are you still getting married at Deer Ridge?? 

    my e-mail address is - contact me so we can discuss things further. all of this is so disappointing, its so sad. 
    I found out they were selling on January 2nd - I cannot believe some people are just now finding out. Tr3s Catering is contacting everyone VERY slowly. :( 
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    I am still getting married at Deer Ridge in July. I am sorry that its not working out  for you :( It sucks that it sold but so far they have handled it well with us...
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    I am still getting married at Deer Ridge in July. I am sorry that its not working out  for you :( It sucks that it sold but so far they have handled it well with us...
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    Have you been in touch with the new owner (Lisa) from Las Positas. Make sure you talk with her - I got a LOT of misleading info from Rick and Shawn (from Tr3s catering) that I later found out was false after talking with Lisa. 
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    Good luck everyone.  That is horrible.
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