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what are you doing now?

i know we've all got different amounts of time til our weddings, but im curious as to what you ladies are working on right now. :)

as for me, im waiting "patiently" for all my rsvps to come back.

Re: what are you doing now?

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    i am going this weekend to look at venues!  so psyched!  we are looking in Healdsburg.  fingers crossed we fall in love b/c i need a date to move forward.
    i already know i'm doing concert ticket STDs....
    oh...and i found a photog i LOVE...but again...i need a date.  wah!
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    I'm originally from SF, but I live on the East Coast.  I got engaged a month ago, and I just got back from a one-week trip to SF for wedding planning.  I bought my dress, selected my bridesmaid dresses with my MOH, decided on my reception venue, booked my photographer, and visited a potential florist.
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    reese- the save the dates sound cute! got a pic? :)

    GJones- wow! you got a lot done in a week! kudos!
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    I'm going dress shopping tomorrow.  Still working on bridesmaid dresses, but my BFF BM is working on that for me.  Still working on the main plan - I think I'm getting a tent so we can have more people (we all got sick of trying to cut the guest list), but I really want to see it first.  I'm ready to order invitations - will probably be doing that this weekend also.  Fun fun!
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    i'm searching for rehearsal dinner venues, hair/makeup people, and trying to motivate to work on my DIY invitations.  Also, need to decide on BM dresses.
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    Reese: Who are you using for photography? I'm starting to reseach but there's so much out there it's hard to find a starting point! TIA!
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    I've sent our STD's on Monday. Deciding on invites and reception invites (we are having a small ceremony and inviting more people for reception; so I need 2 sets of invites), picking exact location and time this coming Monday and tonight a friend is going with me to David's Bridal so I can at least try on a few dresses.

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    carol: i havent booked yet, but i REALLY want to use Brion Hopkins.  i also really like Erica Berger, but Brion is my first choice...

    Kim...i havent decided yet, but here are 2 options.  which one do you like better??

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    I'm doing cake tastings now! Yum.
    Hey, how long should the lead time be for BM dress shopping? My bridemaids won't be all in town until July but my wedding is in September. I was thinking that if we don't have enough time, we will just go for off-the-rack shopping such as BCBG, Nordstrom....I hope that will work...
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    Tonight is wedding planning night. I'm finishing up with the designing of the invitations and FI is designing and ordering our favors. Personalized pint glasses and golf balls.

    Mrs R-I can't wait to get to the point of waiting for RSVP's!!
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    sara: i think lead times for ordering is usually a couple of weeks.  i was in 2 weddings this past fall and i think each of the dresses took about 3 months.  i would suggest off the rack or Jcrew!  also...not sure how formal/informal your wedding is, but i had a friend wore this dress in a wedding she was in:
    (i'm not sure if this link will work...if not, just google it!)
    the girls can wear them all different ways. and they actually went to the bathroom and changed them throughout the night.  GL!

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    reese- i like #2 better! they really look like tickets. :) would you make them colored?

    yjakel- don't worry, the time will fly by. i guarantee it! (just like men's wearhouse.. lol.)
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    I just booked the rehearsal dinner so I have one more reader to ask and then I need to print and send out the invites for the rehearsal dinner.

    I'm also patiently waiting for RSVPs.  I'm also finalizing the cake design and NEED to order attendant gifts once FI gets me his GM initials.

    Also trying to figure out transportation and a hair accessory :)  so many little things on the to do list!
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    Also waiting for rsvps! The "deadline" is the 14th, and have 75% so far that have responded...and patience is really not my middle name. Haha!

    Working on my programs, and out of town guest bags.
    Besides that, and figuring out seating arrangements, we're set!
    Happy planning everyone! Wink
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