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hi all...
i went to a venue today and i was told that the music cut off is 9:45-10pm.  is this normal??  just wondering what the typical cut off is. i will probably call to see if its negotiable, but let me know if you all are experiencing the same thing.

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    I'm not sure, I think it depends on this area. Tilden Park will let us go till 11, but we have to be out of the venue at midnight. My MOH is getting married in Pismo Beach and the whole town has an ordinance that music is off at 10 so everywhere we looked stopped there. If this is the Sonoma Napa area, I wouldn't be too surprised that they had similar ordinances.

    Did you find any venues you like?
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    we found one that we LOVE...but as soon as we heard "9:45" - we were SO bummed.  i'm going to see if its negotiable.  its a vineyard that is literally in the middle of nowhere, but they have a neighbor thats somewhat close and apparently complains.  sighhhhh.....
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    yeah...  depending on the city, there can be very strict noise ordinances.  my place really is in the middle of nowhere, so we can stay as long as we like (for a price!), but most other places have 10 or 11 o'clock noise policies.

    you and all other nightowl guests could always afterparty it after the official reception ends.  hotel bars usually stay open late.
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    we looked at thomas fogarty winery (and it would have been perfect) aside from an early sound cut off. woodside has the early noise ordinance, which can't be negotiated. :(
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    10pm seems to be the cut off time in most places, and i've looked all over Cali and Maui!!!  But, as a friend pointed out, unless you are starting late in the evening, a lot of folks are wiped by ten.  In my experience as an attendee, progressing to a designated after-party location is super fun, gives another surge of excitement to the partiers and cuts the cost of booze for another 3 hours.  All good things!
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