Island reception location?

I'm getting married in May of next year on the beach on Tybee.  I booked the group hall on Skidaway as a reception site, but now after deciding on an area of the island to get married on (North Beach) I'm wondering if there's a closer option.  What I want is to cater my own food (well, family bringing the food) and to avoid renting tables and chairs (if any venue other than skidaway already has them, I don't know).  Do either the VFW or Shrine Club allow self catering and already have seating? Also, does anybody have an idea of the price ranges for either of those?  My wedding is on a Sunday, so I figure if we do anything other than Skidaway (which allows consumption of alcohol in the group shelter, assumably BYOB style)  any alcohol is probably out of the question, but we can deal with that.

So any suggestions/good experiences/knowledge of prices on these types of places? 
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Re: Island reception location?

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    What about the restaurant, North Beach Grill? 
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    I'm looking for the same thing myself. I looked into the pavilion at Memorial Park, but it's $30 an hour with a minimum of 3 hour rental. I'm doing a reception for 15 people and we're just going to order pizza from Lighthouse Pizza and have our wedding cake, so probably an hour long reception tops. Plus, we're doing a sunset wedding so the reception won't even start until 8:30. No point in spending $90 on one hour of pizza and cake. I'm looking for somewhere free or cheap that at least has lights and some sort of roof/cover in case of rain that I can have pizza delivered too. What is Skidaway?
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    The Tybee Lite Shrine club would be a great place for you.  You can bring your own food.  They do require that you serve their liquor if you plan to have alcohol.  They already have tables, chairs and such.  They also have a kitchen where you can prepare and store the food until service. 
    The American Legion post on the Island could also be an option.  They also have tables, chairs and a kitchen area.  They have an onsite bar.  They have lights and a sound system. 
    I'm not sure of the prices, but I know they are one of the more reasonable places in town. 

    To the PP who needs a smaller option, look into one of the meeting rooms at the Ocean Plaza. 
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    Thanks iluvmytxrgr, the table/chair issue was the main reason I hadn't jumped on calling another venue yet, the rental prices scare me and the pics of the Shrine club all decorated on their website made me think *rental*.  I have no issue with metal folding chairs or what have you, as long as I'm not paying per chair, I can decorate them to look classier if needed.  Also serving their liquor is no problem at all (we were planning on only serving wine for toasting and no alcohol otherwise anyways), so I'll prob drop them a line for a quote tomorrow or Wednesday.

    And princess, Skidaway Island is an island basically below Tybee (about 20 minutes away) that has a state park on it.  Their group shelter is about $300 to rent for a full day (holds 150 people) which is what I have booked currently, and they also have picnic pavilions like Memorial park, but they rent per day ($60 a full day, I think).  My future SIL held her daughters first birthday at the same thing at another state park, and it works well for 50 people or less and when it's outdoors/a little more informal of an event.  The pizza delivery part would be a challenge, though - at least from a place on Tybee.
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    You can ask the folks at Tybee Island Wedding, they helped me find a reception place. She told me

    The Shrine Club is $1600 for the day and the American Legion is $800 for the day.

    I am doing my reception at The Outdoor Inn, on the north side of the island. Only good for somewhat smaller groups, but it's so pretty! They do have the tables and chairs and all that, but I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for
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