HELP!!!........Savannah Hair & Makeup Onsite

The only thing I need now is someone to come to the Historic Doubletree Hotel to do my hair & makeup.  I have a room that will be set up at the hotel to get ready.  I have short hair and my hair won't be that difficuly.  Make up is somehing I really need help with so someone who could do both would be great.  My sister, sister-in-law and mom would need their hair done as well. 

Any suggestions????

Re: HELP!!!........Savannah Hair & Makeup Onsite

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    Glow Spa did the makeup on site for my wedding and I absolutely loved it. Although, if you are looking for hair and makeup, I do not think they offer the hair part.

    Catie did the makeup and hair when I did pinup photos and did an amazing job. I am not too familiar with her wedding style, but I was very happy with her airbrush makeup for my photos. Her website is below:

    Hope this helps a little bit! Good luck!


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    Thanks for the info Sarah.  We had such a hard time finding someone to come to us at a resonable price and to do both that we just found someone here in Atlanta who will come to Savannah with us.  She does great work!


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    Who did you hire from Atlanta and how much are you paying?  Thanks!
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    Call Tabitha from Astonish Hair Salon....we paid $55 for up do's and she came to us and was awesome! Lynn from Spa Bleu was great for makeup!
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