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Hey everyone...I am wanting to come to Savannah as a little "mini moon" after our wedding for a couple of days.  Does anyone have any suggestions on where a good place to stay is?  thanks!

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    I'm in love with the Mansion on Forsyth. It's one of the Kessler properties and if I could work for them and just sing their praises I would. They also have a sister property in Savannah called the Bohemian but I'm a fan of the Mansion. It sits on Forsyth Park and is within walking distance to so much if you want to see/do things while in Savannah. They have a great conciere that helps with all your needs. They have all sorts of packages (the cooking one is one of my favorties) and a in-house spa.

    Another place is the Marshall House. It's said to be haunted but I stayed there and didn't have any unwanted visitors. It's right on Broughton street which is home to many shops and resturants. The street is busy night and day but it's not a loud obnoxious kind of busy. It's a few blocks from the river - which is a great day activity.

    I haven't stayed at Avia but it's next to a park that is the center of many popular places to go to - Paula Deen's restruant, a Thomas Kinkade gallery, live music on many days of the week and again just a few blocks from
    Broughton street and the river.

    The Bohemian is good, The Hilton downtown is nice, the President's Quarters Inn - all nice places. You should be able to find something great in Savannah.
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    there are a ton of bed and breakfasts which are charming but there are a few hotels that are also pretty nice. The Mansion looks right out to Forsyth Park, and there are also hotel on river street like the Hyatt and Bohemian and a few places within the city market area, like Avia. I'm not sure what your budget is, but these are just places that stick out to me. When searching for hotels just make sure they are in the historic district, that way everything is within walking distance. 
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    The Mansion is a lovely hotel, Avia is super modern, and Bohemian is a high quality hotel, closer to the river.  You also may like the Marhsall House on Broughton St.  I would read the reviews on TripAdvisor...they will give you a sense of each hotel and or B&B
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