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Okay, so my mother and I have different tastes. She likes Nascar, and I like soccer. She likes traditional, and I like things to be a little more relaxed when it comes to my wedding. We've pretty much been butting heads over everything, but it's always worked out in the end.Well, the problem is this fight over suits. She wants khaki (sp?) suits with a dark brown tie to go with my bridesmaid dresses and my wedding dress (I was so excited because it has pockets!). The dresses are more formal looking now, but we're altering them to be tea length since the wedding is outside at the Forsyth Park fountain in Savannah in the middle of July.My fiance has been pushing for khaki and white seersucker suits since we got engaged. At first, I was completely against it along with my mother. But the other day we went to a local shop and tried on an extremely nice seersucker suit with a dark brown bowtie to tie the wedding party together. The second I saw it on my fiance, I knew that it would be perfect.I told my mother, and this was where the trouble started.She promptly told me how upset she was (curse words were involved) and how if she would have known I was getting seersucker suits she wouldn't have bought me such a nice dress. Then, she went on my Facebook profile and under my announcement and the congratulations from all of my friends who supported me in the decision wrote: "What are we going for, the tackiest wedding ever?"I haven't spoken to her in three days, and I need some serious help. My sister (matron of honor) has tried talking to her, and my father won't get in the middle of it.I just don't know what to do because this is supposed to be a special day about my fiance and me celebrating our love and the future we have. And now I'm to the point where I just want it to be over.Does anyone have any advice?

Re: Momzilla.

  • beerladybeerlady member
    edited December 2011
    Wow! Since my FI and I are paying for everything, I don't have this problem. However, it seems to me your mom is trying to make this day about what she wants and not you.  You need to remind her of exactly what you said in your last paragraph...it is a day about you and your FI celebrating your love and the future you have. It's not about her trying to impress everyone with HER sense of style.Good luck with everything. I don't envy what you are going through.
  • iluvmytxrgriluvmytxrgr member
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    I would tell her that this is also your fiance's wedding and he is allowed to have a say in what he wears on his big day. I also think you should take her to that shop and show her the suit on your FI. Maybe she will have a change of heart like you did.

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