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My fiancee and I travelled to Savannah about 2 weeks ago and absolutely fell in love with the city. Our wedding is currently planned for September 2010 in Chicago (our hometown) but we are seriously considering moving it to Savannah. Would anyone happen to know what the going rate is for The Ford Plantation? Our wedding will be approximately 50-75 guests. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! Jeanine & Eric

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    Can't help you with the Ford Plantation, but just wanted to say it's nice to see another Chicago knottie on this board! We're getting married in one of the squares next fall as well. Prior to that, we had looked at The Marshall House (BAD experience), Vic's on the River, and a few of the squares. Our wedding was only about half the size of yours, though. GL!
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    Take a look at The Olde Pink House Restaurant - they have a ballroom that is to DIE for!!!  The prices are VERY affordable - at least for Savannah.  It's right on Reynolds Square - so you could get married on the square and have your reception close by . . . there are also LOTS of hotels within easy walking distance.
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