hilton desoto/any suggestions?

Hi! I am having some trouble with finding venues for my summer Savannah wedding. I live in Ohio, and am getting married June 2012, but since I do not live in Savannah I have limited time to go look at venues. I am impressed with the Hilton Desoto, and was wondering what their price range is? I was also wondering if anyone has any suggestions for wedding venues in Savannah. Whenever I look stuff up online I always get the same 6 places come up. Beach, historic, any suggestions are welcome!!! Thanks so much!

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    How many guests do you plan to have and do you have a limited or generous budget?  Also, are you looking to have everything in one place, or do you want two seperate locations?  The Hilton is nice, but I think there are far nicer places in Savannah.

    For a wedding/reception combo, I would check out:
    The Marshall House (historic, charming, can do ceremony, reception and house guests)
    Avia (very modern, but great location)
    The Westin (gorgeous setting, overlooking river)
    The Mansion at Forsyth Park (pricy, but gorgeous)

    If you plan to get married in a church or one of the historic squares and need a venue for the reception, I would try:
    Vic's on the River
    The Pink House (call and ask for Bianca)
    10 Downing (a brand new space built by Churchill's Pub, site of my RD)

    Also, if you are looking to do something very small, most of the B&B's offer wedding and elopement packages.

    Hope this gives you a good starting point,
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    Savannah Riverboat Cruises offers great options, ceremony on the top deck of the riverboat with River Street and the Savannah River as the backdrop and then your reception in one of their glass enclosed climate controlled panoramic dining decks. A real river experience and not just a view.
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    Hilton Desoto has a nice reception space on the 15th floor. This room offers a panoramic view of the downtown Savannah skyline, for 130 people.  The plates are around $50 per person.  They have a larger ball room that seats 200 or so.  If you dont have your ceremony across the street at the park, you have to have it in one of the smaller ball rooms. Cocktail hour on the 2nd floor near the pool. Its a older hotel so it works if you want that hisoric feel. A little to old for my taste. The consultant seems nice enough. Its not my style so I'm stlll  searching. Good luck!
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