Wedding around the City Market area - Can anyone help?

Can anyone clairfy the rules about getting married in one of Savannah's squares?

We're looking to have a very small wedding in maybe Johnson, Lafayette or Columbia Square. Is there any reason why we would need to "rent" the square if we're not putting down chairs and will only be there for a few minutes? Not to mention it'll be midweek....  It's just one of the little details that nobody can give me a direct answer to.

Since we'll be staying in the City Market area, we were hoping to be within walking distance to both the ceremony site and the reception dinner. Are the three squares I mentioned above good options? Anything I should rule out or consider?qu

I'm thinking about Pink House, Sapphire Grill, Alligator Soul or Maxwells for dinner - any thoughts?

Re: Wedding around the City Market area - Can anyone help?

  • Yes, the city still requires you to have a permit and security for a small wedding.  Even if you are having just you, your FI and the officient, the permit and security is still required.  
    Johnson square is not a square I would pick for a wedding, especially mid week.  It is surrounded by the biggest banks and office buildings in town and can be extremely busy.  I would also no do Franklin Square as this is the square the homeless people and day workers congregate in.  LaFayette Square is a good one.  

    I've not been to Maxwell's, but the other places you mentioned are great.  
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  • Old Pink House is my all time favorite. A must in savannah.
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