Anyone eloping?

I am having the HARDEST time finding elopement packages in Savannah!  I've checked several places and their "elopement package" doesn't include what we need - which is an officiant who will use the ceremony we wrote, a kid-friendly location, and filing all the necessary paperwork.  Everything else you have to pay out the wazoo for and our 3 person wedding looks like it will end up costing us about the same as if we had invited 20 guests.  Anyone have any ideas? 

Re: Anyone eloping?

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    Have you checked Gazebo weddings?  They seem very nice and pretty flexible.  Their elopment package is very cheap.
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    We did meet with them, but their place is impossible to find and the husband (who does the ceremonies) will only use HIS ceremony because he says that's what he's familiar with.  I read his ceremony and it was a bit too stuffy and formal for my liking. 
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    Have you thought of having a friend or family member ordained online to perform your ceremony? It is completely legal in all 50 states. This is what I did in order to officiate my parents' vow renewal.  This way, you can use the ceremony you want AND it can be more personal.  Just a thought.
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    I have an elopement package for but you have probably celebrated your big day already....if not contact me.
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