how to add vendors to the Knot?

does anyone know how to add vendors to The Knot?  I would like to refer my venue and the coordinator. they were both FANTASTIC and i'd love to recommend them for other Savannah, GA brides. Thanks!

Re: how to add vendors to the Knot?

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    Yes!  I would like to do the same.  New Mexico has so few listed and only ONE of my vendors is on The Knot.  Five days out and I can already say I can't WAIT to share how great my vendors have been.  So, after the honeymoon, I will be hounding SOMEONE here to help me get their info up.  :-)
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    i am new to the site and am having trouble adding my vendors too. Seems like it should be pretty easy... is there a glitch?
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    Can't believe that you can't add vendors? This would be a great feature if you could just type in your own data instead of having to choose from their vendor lists. Kinda makes the knot pointless if you can't use it to plan....Let me know if anyone finds out a way to add your own vendors!
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    I am discontinuing my membership for this reason.  So annoying!
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    Vendors pay to advertise on The Knot- that's why you can't just add them.  You can add them to their other website, The Wedding Channel.  I think that's where you can review your vendors you used on your wedding even if you don't see them on The Knot. 
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