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Avia or Bohemian?

We are coming this weekend and CANNOT decide which hotel we want to stay at!  Bohemian is a little more pricier, but we can get a riverfront view.  Any suggestions as to which has better location, bigger rooms, etc. would be GREATLY appreciated!
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Re: Avia or Bohemian?

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    Good question! I need advice on this too!Smile
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    I've actually never been to either of these hotels, which is why I never gave advice on the OP (I figured someone else would answer her...whoops!)

    My best advice is to look up each hotel on TripAdvisor.com and see what they say.  They have lots of reviews, both good and bad, and generally have been pretty on point for me.

    Good luck!
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    They are actually almost right across Bay St from each other, so location isn't an issue.  I would choose The Bohemian because of the view.  The Avia basically either looks out over Bay St or over the ally and parking area behind it. 

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    I personally prefer Avia because it's more low-key than the Bohemian. The Bohemian reminds me of a hotel you would find in Las Vegas and while Avia still retains some of that trendy cool-ness, it's much for down to earth and less over-the-top.

    Both are beautiful hotels though, so you really can't go wrong!

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    Bohemian.  Very posh and elegant.  Good food and restaurant/bars on both the roof and the bottom floor.  Both look over the river.
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    How is the location for the Gastonian, is it safe, I was considering their elopement packages?
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